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1. The Online Store available at the address www.monitoringcctv.co.uk, is run by Monitoring CCTV LTD address: 372 West Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE4 9JY England; EU VAT: GB 244464015 Company Number: 10080260 and e-mail: sales@monitoringcctv.co.uk.

2. The sale carried out by the Online Store is carried out in accordance with the rules of these Regulations. Placing an order in the Online Store by the Customer is tantamount to acceptance of the rules of the Regulations and the Client's obligation to comply with them.

3. The Online Store offers the sale of equipment to secure property and objects (hereinafter referred to as "Products")

4. The Customer is entitled and obliged to use the Online Store www.monitoringcctv.co.uk in accordance with its intended use.

5. The Shop's customer may be a person who is 18 or older and has full legal capacity, hereinafter referred to as the "Customer". By ordering Products, the Customer confirms that he has read the applicable price list for the Products offered in the Store, the terms of delivery of Products and accepts the provisions of these Regulations.

6. The Store, in the widest extent permitted by law, is not responsible for any disruptions, including interruptions, functioning of the Store www.monitoringcctv.co.uk caused by force majeure, unlawful activities of third parties or incompatibility of the Store with the Customer's technical infrastructure.

7. The minimum technical requirements, the fulfillment of which is necessary to use the Store, conclude a contract for the provision of services or conclude a sales agreement is to have a computer or other device connected to the Internet, equipped in particular with a Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser from 8.0, Firefox 20, Google Chrome 27, Safari 5.0, Opera 11. In order to make purchases in the store, the customer must have a valid / active e-mail address, as well as a keyboard or other pointing device, enabling the correct completion of electronic forms.


1. In order to make purchases in the Store www.monitoringcctv.co.uk (setting up the Customer's account), complete the registration form, giving your name or nickname (pseudonym), e-mail address and password, accept the regulations www.monitoringcctv.co. uk, and agree to the processing of personal data to the extent necessary to establish, shape the content, change, solve and correctly implement services provided electronically and to fulfill customer orders.

2. Registration in the Store, as well as the use of the functionality of the Online Store www.monitoringcctv.co.uk, are free of charge.

3. After registering in the Store, each login is carried out using the data provided in the registration form.

4. In order to delete the Customer's account from the Store, one should send an e-mail with a request to delete the account to the email address: sales@monitoringcctv.co.uk from the e-mail address currently registered in the Store.

5. Orders for Products (hereinafter also: "Orders") can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Orders are accepted for processing on business days.

6. A logged-in Customer holding a Customer Account confirms or completes in the order form the validity of the data necessary to conclude and execute the sales contract (including telephone number or address). A customer who does not have a Customer Account must independently complete the order form in terms of his data necessary to conclude and execute the sales contract.

7. The Customer selects the method of payment of the price and other total costs of the Order's execution indicated in the order form.

8. The Shop in response to the Customer's Order shall immediately send an e-mail message to him at the e-mail address provided for this purpose, confirming receipt of the Order and acceptance of the offer submitted by the Customer or information about the impossibility of accepting it. Once the order has been confirmed by the Customer Service Office (receiving the e-mail by the Customer), the sales contract is considered as concluded.

9. The order sent by the Customer via the form provided by the Store constitutes a declaration of will of the Customer expressing the immediate will to conclude a distance sale agreement via the Store.

10. The product offered in the Online Store can be purchased only by mail order, we do not sell directly.

11. The shipment is carried out through a courier company.

12. Orders are delivered to the recipient within 2-8 business days, provided that the goods are available in the warehouse or at the suppliers, otherwise the date and manner of implementation is set individually (eg partial implementation, extension of waiting time). We send the goods free of charge by courier for orders processed in Great Britain.

13. We issue a VAT invoice for each item purchased. In the case of a VAT invoice for companies, please provide: company name, company address, company number, VAT number. In the case of retail invoices for natural persons, please provide: name and surname, address, no NIP number required.

14. Forms of payment payment for a mail order can be done in two ways:

  • picking up the recipient pays on delivery to the courier,
  • prepayment for the goods is paid by bank transfer before the order is processed.

15. Any instructions (service, installation, user), if the manufacturer has one, send via e-mail in PDF format. At the customer's request, the dispatch of these documents is not mandatory with the order or purchase. All instructions provided to customers come directly from the producers.

16. The Online Shop reserves the right to change the prices of goods on offer, and to introduce new products to the offer without prior notice.

17. In specific and justified cases, the Online Store reserves the right to refuse the order (there are reasonable doubts as to the client's person, the order could not be confirmed, the customer does not comply with the Rules, the order can not be completed for logistical reasons).


1. The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days. Goods must be originally packed, have all markings, in particular identification numbers, seals, goods can not be damaged in any way or bear traces of use.

2. The returned product is sent by the Customer at his own expense, enclosing the original purchase document, along with the bank account number to which the refund is to be made.

3. Returned goods should be packed in a way that guarantees securing the package and its contents.

4. The goods returned with the shipping at the expense of the Online Store will not be accepted for consideration and will be returned at the expense of the sender. The Online Store will not accept parcels sent on delivery.

5. Licenses, software, saved on carriers, if they have been removed from them or the original packaging has been infringed, are not returned.


1. All products offered on the Online Store have a guarantee: a producer, importer or seller, valid in the territory of Great Britain. In the event of a malfunction of the product, please send it to the address previously confirmed via email sales@monitoringcctv.co.uk

2. The warranty period for goods purchased from the Online Store is 12 months, provided that the product description on the store's website or the attached documentation does not state otherwise.

3. The basis for considering the warranty is to determine and confirm the purchase in the Online Store, based on:

  •  providing a copy of the document confirming the purchase in the online store www.monitoringcctv.co.uk,
  •  providing information necessary to confirm the purchase: order number, customer name, in the case of companies - NIP number.

4. Warranty, warranty, and the right to withdraw from the contract does not apply if the product has mechanical damage or was damaged as a result of improper operation.

5. The guarantee is not subject to:

  • devices with broken or damaged warranty seals,
  • devices with mechanical damage resulting from improper use, in particular in breach of the instructions for use of the goods,
  • devices modified by the user (cut or processed plugs),
  • damages caused by lightning and surges,
  • devices in which software from other sources than those recommended by the manufacturer has been uploaded.

6. Detailed, written indication of the causes of the damage, as well as any irregularities noticed in the action, is required on the form attached to the Regulations.

7. If under the Guarantee or warranty, any mechanical damage resulting from improper operation or other items listed in & IV. 5, CCTV LTD Monitoring Company reserves the right to charge a repair fee. At the same time, it will inform the customer about this fact via e-mail, while the waiting time for accepting the terms of the repair is 3 business days. After this time, the unmainted goods will be sent back to the customer at his expense.

8. The cost of shipments in the case of returning the goods, replacing, repairing or guarantee is borne by the Customer in accordance with the costs in force in the online store.


1. In the case when the product delivered to the customer has mechanical damage occurred during delivery, visible only after opening the package, or the contents of the shipment is not consistent with the attached sales document, please inform us immediately (that is, on the day of delivery) by email - email to the e-mail address: sales@monitoringcctv.co.uk with photo documentation. After this time, all claims will not be considered.

2. If the product delivered to the customer has defects, the product is subject to warranty and may be subject to complaint. The customer is obliged to check the goods immediately after receiving the parcel (up to 24 hours from the receipt of the goods).

3. Goods damaged after checking by the Store will be exchanged for a new one or another full-value, and if it is not impossible (for example due to lack of stock), the company will refund the buyer the equivalent of the product price or offer him replacement available for sale goods of your choice. The costs of delivery are borne by the customer

4. All complaints will be considered within 14 business days of their receipt or shorter.

5. The company does not accept any parcels sent on delivery.

6. The device sent back for warranty repair should be sent at its own expense. Devices sent at the expense of the recipient will not be picked up by the Online Store.

7. The delivery should be accompanied by a printed and properly completed along with proof of purchase.

8. The faulty goods should be sent back completely and packed in a way that guarantees securing the package and its contents. The customer sends the goods together with a copy of the purchase document, with the obligatory "SERVICE" annotation.

9. If the returned device is not qualified for warranty repair, repair costs will be charged after obtaining the customer's prior consent. Excluding the repair of equipment not covered by the warranty conditions not exceeding the amount of up to £ 30 including VAT will be made without the customer's prior consent.

10. If it is found that the goods are undamaged, and so-called "Malfunction" resulted from improper handling of the device, it will be sent back at the customer's expense, and a fee of £ 40 will be charged including VAT for the performed diagnostics.


1. The Regulations shall apply from 02.01.2019.

2. The store reserves the right to change the regulations for important technical, legal or / and organizational reasons. The change of regulations becomes effective on the date indicated by the Store, not shorter than 7 days from the moment the Store has made the amended regulations available. Orders placed by customers prior to the entry into force of amendments to the regulations are implemented in accordance with the existing provisions of the Regulations.

3. In the event of making changes to the Regulations, the Store shall provide the consolidated text of the Regulations by publishing on the website, and by means of a message sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer.

4. The law applicable to the conclusion of a sales contract as part of the Store is the law applicable in the United Kingdom, unless otherwise provided by the mandatory provisions of law. Any disputes between the Store and the Customer who are not also a Consumer shall be submitted to the court having jurisdiction over the registered office of the Store.

5. The content of the Regulations is available to customers free of charge at the address of the Store www.monitoringcctv.co.uk, where Customers can view and print at any time.


1. The administrator of personal data is CCTV LTD Monitoring with headquarters 372 West Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE4 9JY England, Company number 10080260

2. The Seller shall provide appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data provided by users, in particular to prevent access to third parties or their processing in violation of the law, preventing data loss, damage or destruction.

3. After completing the Customer's use of the services provided by the Seller, as a result of termination or refusal to accept amendments to the Regulations, the Customer's personal data may be processed to the extent necessary to establish breach and liability in connection with user's violation of the law and regulations,

4. The Online Store provided by the Clients is collected and processed in accordance with applicable law, and in accordance with the privacy policy.

5. The entrusted data is used only for the execution of orders and information about promotions and will not be made available to other entities.

6. By registering at the Online Store, the Customer consents to the processing and storage of his personal data by Monitoring CCTV LTD with its registered office at 372 West Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE4 9JY England, Company No. 10080260, which is necessary to process the order.

7. The customer has the right to inspect their data, request their correction or completion and remove them.

8. The store does not automatically collect any information, except for information contained in cookies, which are necessary to maintain the full functionality of the website. By default, the software for browsing allows files to be stored, which you can change by changing the browser options. Store operator informs that restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some of the functionalities available on the Store's websites.


1. In order for the website to function properly, the Seller uses cookie technology ("cookies"). Cookies are information packages through which the customer uses websites and which are stored on the Customer's device, usually including the website address, date of placement, expiration date, unique number and additional information consistent with the intended use of the file. Cookies may come from the Store administrator or may be external cookies, that is, posted by the administrator's partners via the Store's website.

2. The User may disable or limit the saving of cookies on his device, in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of the web browser, but this may result in the unavailability of some or all of the Store's functions. Failure to change your browser settings to settings that disable the saving of cookies is tantamount to agreeing to save them.

3. Based on cookies, it is not possible to determine the identity of the customer.

4. Files generated directly by the Online Store may not be read by other websites. External cookies can be read by an external server.

5. The store uses cookies to:

6. Maintaining a user session (own files),

7. Adaptations of page content to user preferences (own files),

8. Ensuring data security (own files),

9. Creating statistics (anonymous) to optimize the usability of the site (external files),

10. Connecting service functions with other external services used by the user (external files),

11. Displaying advertising information in accordance with the user's preferences and limiting the number of ad impressions (external files).

12. The store uses two basic types of cookies:

13. Sessional - deleted at the end of the user session;

Permanent - ending the user session does not delete them.

14. Each user and at any time may delete cookies stored on his device at any time, in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of the web browser.

15. The website can store http queries in connection with which some information may be stored in the server log files, including the IP address of the computer from which the query came from, the name of the client station - identification by the http protocol, if possible, date and the system time of registration on the site and the arrival of the query, the number of bytes sent by the server, the URL of the page previously visited by the user, if the customer entered through the link, information about the user's browser, information on errors that occurred during the execution of the transaction http.

16. Logs can be collected as a material for proper administration of the website. Only the persons authorized to administer the information system have access to the information.

17. Files with logs can be analyzed in order to compile traffic statistics on the Store and errors occurring. Summary of such information does not identify customers.

Each customer can browse our site without disclosing his personal data. Providing your personal data by the Customer is fully voluntary, however, it is necessary to establish a Customer Account or place an order in the Store.

If the Customer concludes a contract for the provision of electronic services (eg setting up a Customer Account) or submitting an Order, we collect the following Customer data via the Store:

• First name and last name,

• e-mail address and telephone number

• the address to which the shipment is to reach (usually it is the address identical to the place of current residence or registration),

• for Company Number companies