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iVMS-4500 Hikvision mobile application

iVMS-4500 is an application for mobile devices to manage Hikvision products supported through smartphones and tablets. The iVMS-4500 software enables remote monitoring of the Hivision camera monitoring systems on the screens of mobile phones and tablets with the Android, iOS or Windows Mobile operating system. Soft enables immediate response to events and at the same time increases the level of security for users of security protection systems. It should be mentioned that the iVMS-4500 application Hikvision uses an additional data stream for signal transmission, which enables faster delivery of camera signals for cooperation with mobile devices.

Summing up the use of remote access to Hikision monitoring systems, the ivms application enables monitoring from anywhere in the world without the need for physical presence of people in the monitored facility.

Free application iVMS-4500 Hikvision for a mobile device with iOS, Android, Windows Mobile